Power Poll Week 7

Hello Fellows!

With another week in the books it’s time for the weekly power poll.  Not only did we have some good match ups but it was also the first week of the Fantasy Mascot Challenge!  As was the purpose of the Challenge, it was to give those with horrible teams a chance at winning something.  So far that purpose was fulfilled as the crappy teams beat out the good teams, further in depth analysis will follow below.

I would also like to point out that our league, formerly known as Kemp’s Kids Fantasy Basketball League, was bought out by a high profile fantasy tycoon.  The purchaser decided that he wanted to rename the league so that the name would reflect how awesome this league is..thus the new league name, The Greatest Fantasy BBall League in Da World or for short Greatest Fantasy BBall League (because Yahoo doesn’t allow that many characters in the league name).  Fortunately, the new ownership is happy with how the commissioner is running things and isn’t planning on making any other changes.

Without further adoo doo here is your Power Poll for week 7:

10.  Coast to Coast 0-7 (10)

The commissioner is now taking bets on when Coast to Coast will get their first win.  Riding a 7 game losing streak, the GM is starting to show a little life moving players around and actually updating the roster.  Unfortunately the updating didn’t start till the end of the week so the Coaster’s missed out on 135.10 points.  Some of the veterans on the squad are starting to show life as Marcus Camby put up 137.95 points and Chauncy “Big Shot” Billups added an additional 121.05.  With their next 3 games against T-Boyz, ILLicit, and MANFLESH! we won’t be expecting a W anytime soon from the team hailing from the North.

9.  Ginger’s Bombard 2-5 (7)

Falling two spots and falling hard are the Ginger’s who fail to put up quadruple digit numbers for the 4th time in 7 chances.  This team has good players, but when your roster has 4 injured players, all of which didn’t see any action last week you can start pointing the fingers at management.  Wilson Chandler (161.55) would have been the high scorer for this squad but he was too busy ridin’ the pine.  Derek Rose and Blake Griffin both put up 160 + points for the week, but with five players with 0 points you can’t expect to go far.  Hopefully management makes some moves soon as they are in the Commissioner’s dog house.

8.  Bosa Bulls 1-6 (9)

Moving up one spot despite losing, is the self proclaimed “fan favorite” Bosa Bulls.  The Bulls weren’t able to capitalize on an Underachieving team that has been inconsistent all season long, losing by 183.85 points.  A week ago Bosa shot lights out, posting the high shooting percentage of the week.  This week the Bulls built a house with all the bricks they were throwing up (42% FG).  Again, this team is filled with lots of talent they just haven’t been able to string together a week of consistent play from all their guys.  Deron Williams was the lead man with 197.65 points, the second highest total of the week in the league.  J. Rich laid a stinker putting up a horrible 27.40 points on the week, two weeks ago Richardson put up 177 for the week….what happened?  Maybe the Bulls can capitalize on a Cholitas team that has lost 2 straight.

7.  Ya’ll Suck 3-4 (6)

Tim Duncan continues to play subpar ball and it is clearly affecting the rest of the squad.  On Wednesday Carl Landry and Carlos Arroyo both put up negative numbers.  With all this sadness surrounding the suckers you would think they were losing, but in fact they are currently on a 2 game winning streak.  That’s not saying much though because they barely beat out the worst team in the league in week 7.  It’s always tough falling one spot in the power poll, especially after winning for the second week in a row.

6.  Underachievers 3-4 (8)

The media is shaking their heads at the #6 spot in this weeks power poll as the Underachievers move up two spots despite barely beating the Bosa Bulls.  Several people have openly criticized this team, but despite the negativity they continue to trudge along.  Kevin Durant led this squad by putting up 176.40 on the week and he’ll soon be getting some more support as Aaron Brooks should be coming back in a week.  Shane Battier and Josh McRoberts both had off weeks so we won’t be surprised if the Underachievers give the Supersonics a run for their money this week.

5.  Fighting Cholitas 4-3 (5)

Two weeks after putting up the most impressive fantasy week of all time, the Cholitas continue to plummet back down to earth.  They barely put up 1,000 points for the second straight week and there high scorer (Dirty Dirk Nowitzki) only put up 142 points.  That’s pretty weak considering the 8th and 9th ranked teams in the poll have multiple players who scored more than 160.  The committee hasn’t given up hope, still seeing some talent on a squad that features a DJ Augustin character who put up -6.60 points on Saturday…that’s a negative folks.  The Cholitas better shape up or they could start to fall fast in the power poll.

4.  Supersonics 5-2 (4)

It wasn’t too long ago that this team was riding a pretty tasty winning streak and complaining they weren’t ranked #1 in the power poll.  Now they have lost for the second straight week despite putting up over 1400 points.  It seems that the GM is scrambling week in and week out maxing out his add/drops trying to pull out a win at the last moment.  Even with Howard and Bogut putting up 150+, Bargnani and Westbrook putting up 140+, and Stuckey and Granger putting up 120+ the Supersonics were not able to hold onto their lead heading into Sunday.  Despite putting up 82.80 and 70.05 Big Baby and Javale McGee were let go, both moves people around the league are questioning.  Lets see if the Supes can pull themselves out of the ruts with a win in week 8.

3.  MANFLESH! 5-2 (3)

With only two wins against high quality teams, MANFLESH! remains the 3rd most power team in the league.  The MEN! handled a Fighting Cholitas squad that forgot to bring their big boy shorts to the courts.  Kevin Love was showing plenty of love all week as he scored a league high 229.95 points on the week and also having the daily high score of 68.90 points.  Poor showings from Aflallo, Villanueva, and Tyreke the Freak prevented MANFLESH! from scoring even more points.  For the week, the top five players on this squad averaged 175.87 per player which is the highest number in the league and also the highest through the first 7 weeks.  Rumor has it that MANFLESH! is looking to make a blockbuster trade.  We’ll sit back and see what unfolds.

2.  T-Boyz 6-1 (1)

The T-Boyz were victorious over their opponent in week 7, but it wasn’t impressive enough as they lose the #1 spot in the power poll.  Currently on a 5 game winning streak, the Boyz shot a smoking hot 51.17% from the field, but had the second worst assist to turnover ratio at 1.30.  Their top five players averaged 150.41 per player which is 3rd best behind ILLicit and MANFLESH!.  For the week Josh Smith and D. Wade scored 180+ points and Crawford, Odom, and Martin all contributed 120+ points.  Stephen Curry had an off week as well as Tyson Chandler, both of them put up 35.90 and 32.95.  The T-Boyz will have to wait a week to plead their case as the most powerful team in the league as they face off against Coast to Coast in week 8.

1.  ILLicit 6-1 (2)

Reclaiming the thrown atop the league as the most power team is ILLicit.  After falling from the top in week 5 ILLicit turned it up a notch and this week was no exception as they come back to beat the Supersonics.  8 of the 13 players for ILLicit scored over 100 points on the week, which is a league best.  Also league best for the week was their assist/turnover ratio a 2.07.  ILLicit is the only team with a ratio in the 2’s 4 out of 7 weeks.  Raymond Felton continues to lead this squad by putting up big numbers and Gasol and Bryant also are chipping in to help ILLicit dominate.  ILLicit’s top five players averaged 163.73 points on the week and their bottom five players averaged 87.09.  Their bottom 5 players averaged almost as much as a few teams high players. HOOOOOO!!!!



Supersonics VS. Underachievers

Can the Underachievers pull off the upset and send the Sonics to their third straight loss? oooooooh


Ya’ll Suck as released Greg Oden….you read that right, Greg Oden is officially a free agent.   Who did Ya’ll Suck pick up?  None other than Carlos Delfino who has been on the DL for 15 straight games. WHAT???

This past week only 3 teams had a field goal percentage that was better than the league average….lots of bricklaying going on.

ILLicit has had the highest points average per player for 4 of the 7 weeks, this week his team averaged 122.90 per player, the second highest total ever!


Coast to Coast pulls off the upset against Underachievers as they get 51 votes to Underachievers 49.  It was a close one and I have no idea how he got that many votes.  League officials have begun investigating…

Ginger’s Bombard also pulled off an upset getting 18 votes to the Cholitas 7.  I think we all saw this one coming…

Here is the link to this week’s matchups!


We have ILLicit facing off against the Supersonics and MANFLESH! facing the Bosa Bulls.



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